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In South Jutland, we are quite fond of cakes, and of course we are here at the monastery as well.

We have developed our own version of a South Jutland coffee table. We call it a South Jutland cake symphony - see more below. 


Under the "It's happening" tab, you can see month by month when the South Jutland cake symphony is on.


Remember to reserve a table - you can choose between 14 or at 15.

South Jutland Cake Symphony 

In the past, we have driven with a number of the large South Jutland coffee tables, and we learned that even the most cake-loving drive gets tired before we reach the end of the road. We also learned that the large selection does not go very well with the fact that we would also like to help limit food waste.

We have therefore invented our own version - a South Jutland cake symphony consisting of eight of the classics that we know most people go for.We vary the eight types a little - but there will always be buns, pretzels, biscuits and rye bread layer cake.

A South Jutland cake symphony costs DKK 200 per person, and that includes ad libitum filter coffee and tea. If other drinks are desired, they can of course be bought alongside. 

We dare say that a South Jutland cake symphony is more than enough to make you want a walk on the Gendarmstien afterwards. 

We continuously set up new symphony dates, and you can always see the current ones here on the page. 

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