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About Als Kloster

Als Kloster was originally a country estate, which later got a really funny story. Here is the name

Als Kloster comes into the picture. In 1989, the farm was bought by the Catholic order of the Assumption Sisters, who converted the whole thing into a monastery. Sisters of different nationalities moved in and lived their lives. They offered, among other things, refuge stay for fellow human beings in need of a break from busy everyday life.

With the monastery as a starting point, the new Catholic church in Sønderborg was designed. The bell tower in our courtyard is largely similar to the one in front of the Catholic church in Sønderborg. Our bell has daily called the sisters to mass here at Als Kloster.

In the year 2001 the Assumption Sisters decided to concentrate their activities on Zealand. Here our predecessors took over the monastery, which for the next 20 years formed the framework for three generations of family life and most recently the small cosy Bed and Breakfast. Now it is our turn to write the next chapters in the story, and as you can see under "The Farm Hotel" we have many dreams and plans that we must have made a reality. 

And now just a little rounding it off with the sisters...

The Order was founded by Marie-Eugénie Milleret in 1839. Its name refers to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and the latin word assumptio, meaning assumption. The word is also a reference to the Order's call to vocation everyone an education so that the world can become a better place to live.

Time passes, and now the Assumption Sisters are completely out of Denmark. There is no longer the same need for sisters to run schools or hospitals here, and the sisters have therefore traveled to other monasteries around the world where there is a greater need.

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