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Meet the team

Below you see the permanent team, and to this are added "Friends of Als Kloster". A wonderfull group of part-time employees, family, friends, acquaintances and network people who are ready to help when needed. We are so grateful. 




Marianne is married to Flemming, and they are the couple behind Als Kloster.


Marianne is a real business geek, and she therefore takes care of all the administrative, planning, marketing etc. 


She also loves food (and has many opinions about it), which is why she was also in charge of our kitchen.




Yes, Flemming is hopefully also married to Marianne :-).

Flemming has "won" all the exterior. He loves to be practical, and with all the plans for the monastery, he is going to be busy. 

The man is also really nice. He originally educated as a nurse, and it still shows.



Monastery Resident

Evander is a beautiful 14-year-old labrador who has been HR manager in his mothers former company all his life. He is highly trained in being nice.


However, he take a lot of many naps during a the day, but  who can blame him for doing that, at that age. 


Abbedisse Manager

Marlene is our restaurant manager, and she is in charge of everything at Abbedisen.

But nobody only wears only one cap here, so you can also meet Marlene, for example, at the reception. 

Marlene is a trained pension adviser, but she wanted to try something completely different. She joined the monastery-team and it shows quickly that she is a born hostess.

The father (Flemming) thinks his genes have come through - the rest of us know that she can do it herself :-)



Monastery Chef

We do not have a Mr. Weise here at  the Beach Hotel, but we have our own "Mrs Andersen".


Mrs Andersen - whose first name is Vinnie - lives in the convent kitchen.


She is a trained chef, and she pickles, bakes and cooks delicious food. She is in no way frightened by having the big pots going - they can sometimes stress the rest of us :-)


Monastery Housekeeper

Aysun is very good at everything in a household, and she is really an orderly person. Her domains are always under control. 

Aysun is responsible for ensuring that the rooms and the monastery are always clean and tidy.

She scrubs, washes, irons, rolls, removes stains - and if something needs repairing, she just finds the sewing machine. 

When the young people come under Aysuns wings, they learn to clean and wash clothes.

Filippa_sh (002).png


Monastery Octopus 1

Although Filippa is a very nice name, she is called "Fifi" here at the monastery.

Fifi and Bodilde are the youngest employees, and they assists where there is a need. They replace in the cleaning, they help in the Abbedissen, they wash the dishes, look after the laundry and assist in the kitchen.

We just want to say that those who one day marry one of these two girls are very lucky. They are just good.



Monastery Octopus 2

And here we have our Bodil, which here is called "Bodilde".

Fifi was here first, and she came one day and said that if we ever needed one more, she knew a good one. We asked who it was, and she replied "It's Bodil - she's super sweet, and she's good at solving tasks".

We couldn't stand for that description, and it fits - that's just how Bodil is.

Erik - arbejdstøj.jpg

Monastery Craftsman

Erik is a carpenter, and he take a full-time job here at the monastery before he retries (you can't see that, right).

Erik is, among other things, the main man behind our new nice rooms and the cool glamping units. 

Erik has been a teacher for many years, so when he calls for a meeting, we come.

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