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The Farm Hotel

The previous owner has for a number of years operated a Bed and Breakfast with great success, and we are now taking that a step further.

It will neither be a Bed and Breakfast or a hotel - it will be the best of both worlds. The cosiness and the homely from B&B - and the more exclusive and professional from the world of hotels.

We call it a Farm Hotel because we are establishing it in the now defunct monastery, which was originally a country estate.

See more below about our different plans. 


We have been allowed to expand with  six new rooms, so that we have 9 rooms in total.

Update - spring 22 - we now have eight newly renovated rooms in operation, and we will get the last one up and running over the summer. 

Several rooms


Every self-respecting place has a "fine drawing room," and in the beautiful paneled drawing room of the monastery we have our fine dining room.

In everyday life, it primarily functions as a breakfast restaurant, and there can be up to approx. 30 people. 


Gryde over bål.png

The dream of a large campfire was brought to life last summer. It is a large, beautiful one of the kind with a fire pit in the middle with tables and benches around.Here we can extend the time when our guests can eat out. 

It can accommodate up to 30 people.


Flere personer.png

When we have the new rooms, the café and the fine dining room ready, we will have the facilities to also be able to receive companies.

With us, for example, you will be able to hold day meetings, multi-day meetings with overnight stays, or an event for all the employees in the fire cabin.

Only the imagination sets the limits. 

For companies


From Easter 2021 we will be able to offer meals other than breakfast. 

However, it will not be a gourmet kitchen or a restaurant with a large menu. On the other hand, there will be talking about today's menu, which we put together according to the season and ingredients.

In return, we promise that it will always be good food made from scratch. 

More food


When we expand so much, we must of course also have a reception where guests can find us. 

The reception will be centrally located between the dining room and the rustic café. 


Glamping - 1.png

Glamping is a combination of glamor and camping - i.e. a luxurious experience out in nature - and we think that suits the monastery. 

We will start by establishing three glamping units in the meadow, and if it goes well, we are planning three more. The first three were ready last summer. 



The monastery actually has its own beach lot and that with a small bridge. But right now it's only for those with good legs. There is access via the sisters' old path, which is both steep and steep. 

Of course, we have to manage that, so that everyone can easily come down and bathe.  

The beach


When we want to serve more food, we must also have a cozy place where the guests can eat. 

We are therefore converting the sisters' old library into a rustic café with tiled floor and all. It's just too cool. 

There will be room for 40 people.

Rustic cafe

Blomst - 2.png

A monastery always has a kitchen garden, an herb garden and an orchard - and we want to re-establish them.In the long term, our kitchen will be based on raw materials from our own gardens.

For example, there will also be prayers with plucked flowers, and all that occasionally becomes "wild on purpose".



We don't have a smart indoor fitness room.

We are making instead a fitness area in the meadow, where there are tools from natural materials. 

Imagine how a log can increase the weight, or you can sit up on a pole and do squats, or maybe use a natural bench for stepping. Not an eye is dry. 

Outdoor fitness


Since the "Østersøruten" cycle route runs right past our front garden, and  The Gendarmstien almost goes through our back garden, of course we must be both certified "Walking Denmark" and "Bike+Bed" accommodation.



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