At Als Kloster Bed & Breakfast we offer you a healthy and delicious breakfast for only 85 DKK Pr. Person.

We will place your breakfast outside your room on a tray, every weekday at 7. On weekends at 8. This way you can enjoy your breakfast in your room in peace and quiet. Coffee/tea will be served hot and cheese etc. will be kept fresh in a cooler.


The breakfast consists of freshly baked buns, made with organic flour, cheese, marmalade, different kinds of cold cuts and fresh fruit. Fresh juice and coffee/tea is included as well.


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Als Kloster ApS

Søndre Landevej 156

DK-6400 Sønderborg

T +45 20454537

CVR 41 59 45 86

Sydbank 8010

Konto   0001966937