Als Kloster Bed & Breakfast offers over-night accommodation and breakfast served in your room. Als Kloster Bed & Breakfast is located in beautiful surroundings only 300 meters from the ocean, the Gendarm Hiking Trail and 500 meters from Sønderskoven. As well as being located close to all these wonderful opportunities to enjoy nature, Als Kloster Bed & Breakfast is only 4 kilometres from Sønderborg city centre and 3,5 kilometres from Høruphav.


The price of our rooms are the same for all 3 rooms, as we feel all our rooms possess different qualities.

All rooms are designed with Nordic interior and as a guest at Als Kloster Bed & Breakfast, you will have access to free Wi-Fi, TV and coffee/tea, all in your own room and free of charge.


At Als Kloster Bed & Breakfast we offer you a healthy and delicious breakfast for only 85 DKK Pr. Person.

We will place your breakfast outside your room on a tray, every weekday at 7. On weekends at 8. This way you can enjoy your breakfast in your room in peace and quiet. Coffee/tea will be served hot and cheese etc. will be kept fresh in a cooler.

About Als Kloster

Through several years Als Kloster served as a monastery for the Catholic order of nuns, called the "Assumptionssøstrene". With the monastery as a starting point, the Catholic church in Sønderborg was established. The bell tower in out courtyard, which also serves as our logo and landmark, can be seen copied in front of the Catholic church in Sønderborg. In the past the bell tower was used when calling for Mass.

The monastery was functional through several years, housing nuns of different nationalities, who typically stayed for a few of years. The monastery also served as a place of retreat for people in need of a break from the busy everyday life.

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