About Als Kloster

Through several years Als Kloster served as a monastery for the Catholic order of nuns, called the "Assumptionssøstrene". With the monastery as a starting point, the Catholic church in Sønderborg was established. The bell tower in out courtyard, which also serves as our logo and landmark, can be seen copied in front of the Catholic church in Sønderborg. In the past the bell tower was used when calling for Mass.

The monastery was functional through several years, housing nuns of different nationalities, who typically stayed for a few of years. The monastery also served as a place of retreat for people in need of a break from the busy everyday life.


In 2001 the "Assumptionsøstrene" decided to move to Sealand, and it was under these circumstances our family moved into the monastery. Als Kloster has for 15 years served as the heart of a happy family life of 3 generations living together. We have enjoyed that grandchildren and grandparents have taken such great joy in each other’s company.

We especially enjoy the beauty of nature surroundings of our home as well as the atmosphere of peace and history. There is a very special spirit at this place, and we look forward to sharing that with you as a guest Als Kloster Bed and Breakfast.

As the children are growing up and leaving the nest, we hope that this place can continue to create good experiences and amazing memories.

We look forward to welcoming you here at Als Kloster Bed and Breakfast.