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Dinner at the monastery

Dinner here with us is a bit of its own. Since we are in a disused monastery, we all eat at the same time, and we get the same food. We eat at 19, and if you want a welcome drink before, the bar is open from 18.30.

You sign up for dinner no later than 12 on the day, either via reception or online via the button below.

It is the chef who sets the menu, and the idea behind the concept is that we enjoy a good meal together. We know that not knowing the menu can be a little borderline for some, and it therefore requires that you trust us to make good, tasty food. We make an effort to make dishes that we know most people like.

There is always a starter and a main course, and it costs DKK 245 per person to eat with. If you have room for more, you can buy an additional dessert for DKK 50. 

If you have any allergens, please let us know when you make the reservation. If you are a vegetarian, we make sure that there is also food for you. On the other hand, we basically warn against vegans - for that we are too happy with eggs, butter and cream.

There is dinner at the monastery as follows:

Week 05-21:  Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Week 22-25:  Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Week 26-36:  Weekday

Week 37-42:  Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Week 43-50:  Thursday, Friday and Saturday 

Week 51-04: Closed for the winter    

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